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Hydra, Greece, 12-17 September 2008

Molecular and Cellular Biology of Helminth Parasites

Helminth parasitology is at a particularly exciting juncture, with the complete genome sequencing of several major pathogens now being undertaken, and increasing interest in helminth biology and immunology across many fields of biomedical science. The Conference on Molecular and Cellular Biology of Helminth Parasites will be the 5th in a highly successful series which first started in Edinburgh in 1997, and moved to Hydra, Greece in 2002. All major areas of helminth research are included, in 12 thematic sessions. The topics range from applied aspects such as chemotherapy, drug resistance and immunoprophylaxis, through to areas of basic science such as developmental biology, neurobiology and functional genomics. A major theme of the forthcoming meeting will be to promote interactions and cross-fertilization between parasitologists and C. elegans biologists.

2008 Conference Programme

Organising committee

Murray Selkirk, Imperial College
Rick Maizels, University of Edinburgh
Edward Pearce, University of Pennsylvania
Kleoniki Gounaris, Imperial College