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General Information

Hydra 2018 Conference Registration Desk Details

The registration desk will be open for registrations from the evening of Sunday 2 September just outside the conference room at The Bratsera Hotel.


Scientific Talk Information

Invited speaker talks should be maximim 35 minutes in length

Delegate talks should be maximum 15 minutes in length

All talks will be followed by 5 minute question-and-anwer session to maintain the discussion-orientated atmosphere of the meeting.


Poster Session Information

1. You will need to give our Audiovisual assistant one Powerpoint slide when registering on Sunday 3 September. We will compile all the slides into a single presentation to avoid losing time between speakers. Your slide can have animations (adding but NOT replacing elements), even movies, but you will only have two minutes so please focus on just stating the context and key findings as succinctly as possible. Questions will be at the Poster, not in the conference session.

2. The poster boards are in “Portrait” format, and are ideally suited for an A1 poster. If necessary an A0 size portrait poster could just be accommodated.

3. A prize of €100 will be awarded to the best poster in each session. As in previous years, all delegates will receive voting papers and the poster with the most votes will win, with results announced on the last evening of the conference.