Hydra, Greece, Sunday 2 September - Friday 7 September 2018

Helminth parasitology has proven to be one of the fast-moving and inter-disciplinary research areas across a spectrum of scientific activities from genomics, immunology and tropical medicine. With rapidly increasing sequence information, new drug development for therapy, and intricate host-parasite molecular interactions, research on these organisms and the diseases they cause is becoming ever more exciting and relevant to global health. A key element in the success of helminth research has been the collaborative and interactive community of investigators working in this field.

This Conference series on the Molecular and Cellular Biology of Helminth Parasites has been an integral part of the rapid development of this whole field. The Conference started with the first two meetings in Edinburgh in 1997 and 1999, and moved to the island of Hydra, Greece in 2002. Subsequent conferences were held in Hydra at 2-3 year intervals between 2005 and 2014, and annually since then.

All major areas of helminth research are included, in 12 wide-ranging sessions. An important aspect of this meeting, is the interface between parasite biologists and investigators from worm model systems such as C. elegans, which is proving highly effective at bringing new blood and fresh perspectives into the topic. We also promote interactions with endemic country researchers and promote new investigators entering the field. The Conferences offer a special atmosphere of concentrated science, interactive discussions and generous opportunities for informal follow-ups.

Hydra Town
Delegates outside the Bratsera Hotel

A key feature of the Hydra venue is the Bratsera Hotel which will host the scientific sessions, and its quiet, traffic-free town with ample facilities for informal interactions between delegates. A wide range of accommodation is available within 5-10 minutes walk of the conference venue, including pensions for those on a tight budget. Attendance is limited to 100 people, consistent with a discussion-orientated meeting in which every participant presents either a plenary talk or in a small poster session, and thus early registration is encouraged. As with previous conferences, we have invited a small number of selected speakers to give keynote talks across the range of themes.

Confirmed Speakers for 2018 

Graham LeGros  (Keynote), Malaghan Institute for Medical Research, Wellington, New Zealand

Tim Anderson, Texas Biomedical Research Institute, San Antonio, USA

Thomas Baum, Iowa State University, USA

Julie Claycomb, University of Toronto, Canada

Jim Collins, University of Texas South Western Medical Center

Celine Cosseau, University of Perpignan, France

Andrea Graham, Princeton University, USA


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Bursaries for 2018

We hope to award, as in 2017, travel bursaries for early-career researchers from Africa, Asia and Latin America to support participation at the meeting; the bursaries will cover registration fees, and a significant sum  towards airfare and ground transportation costs. Awardees will be selected on the basis of Abstracts submitted to the conference, and a letter of application outlining the reasons for attending the meeting. Applicants should register through this website and send their application letter to Hydra@ed.ac.uk, once registrations commence in February 2018.

Organising Committee

Dick Davis, University of Colorado School of Medicine
Niki Gounaris, Imperial College London
Rick Maizels, University of Glasgow
Murray Selkirk, Imperial College London


Registration for the 2018 meeting has closed.

Any registration enquiries please contact hydra@ed.ac.uk

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Programme Summary

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